KTM Duke 390 Mudguard Replacement

The KTM Duke 390 is the most sought after motorcycle by enthusiasts in India because it offers value for money biking. Launched in June 2013, the Duke 390 has taken the market by storm and you can see more of these pocket-rockets on the road than any other performance bike. Now KTM is replacing the under plate of the mudguard on all Duke 390s as part of a precautionary recall. However the company is doing it a bit silently, there is no official announcement and only few owners have been notified of the same.

The problem with the old mudguard plate was that it was made of metal making it hard and not at all flexible. The new under plate is made of plastic and is extremely flexible. The replacement is being done at all KTM service centres across the country free of cost and takes around 20 minutes to do. The pictures give a good explanation on what exactly is being changed and we got the same done on our long term bike earlier today.

The KTM Duke 390 is powered by a rocket of an engine, the 373.2cc belting out all of 43.5 angry horses who can hold 10,500 RPM before the computer tells them to take a brief break. With 35 Nm of torque, the Duke 390 has a lot of twisting force but the low-end isn’t stellar like the mid and top-end due to the tall gearing, you simply have to ride in lower gears in the city which results in the bike heating up. That aside, take the 390 Duke to an open highway and you are bound to be mesmerised by the sheer velocity it is capable of.

KTM Duke 390 Mudguard Recall