Lamborghini Countach Teaser Air Intake
The new supercar will come with some styling cues borrowed from the original

Lamborghini Countach teaser images reveal the supercar’s V12 heart

Lamborghini has released a few teaser images of the new Countach, and yes, it has got a bloody V12 at its heart. Thank goodness!

A couple of days ago, the Italian supercar manufacturer released an image which showed the Countach under a cover. Even then, the resurrected supercar’s sharp nose, low body and extended rear fenders could not be missed.

The recent set of images (3 in total) go a bit further and the most important image of them all is that of the gold-accented V12 engine. It might well be electrically assisted, but the V12 lives on and that is what matters.

V12 Engine
Look at the beauty!

Another Lamborghini Countach teaser image shows the car’s sharp nose with the grille featuring the model name badge in lowercase, a wide air intake and a deep front splitter.

The final image reveals the V12 engine’s air intake which reminds one of the unit on the original supercar. Also, the car’s black fuel filler cap can be seen too.

From these teaser images, it is clear that the new Lamborghini Countach will come with retro styling cues, which would bode well for the car’s future.

Lamborghini Countach Teaser
Well, a nose-lift kit will sure be a very popular option among buyers of the car

Lamborghini has not disclosed when it will reveal the new Countach. But, many will be mighty pleased with the fact that a new one is coming half a century after the original and would not mind waiting for a bit to see the finished product.