Check out the line-up at the Lamborghini Mumbai Bull Run!

It was a lazy Saturday morning on 6th April for most people except almost a dozen Lamborghinis and their owners who were all set for the Mumbai edition of the Lamborghini Bull Run. The Bull Run took place on 6-7 April and this time the route was Mumbai to Lonavala and back on the next day. I too attended the event and it was superbly done.

This Huracan EVO Spyder was the lead car of the convoy

All of us gathered at Vikhroli, Mumbai on Saturday morning and there was a huge assortment of different Lambos at the drive. The lead car or the “Pilota Ufficiale” was the Huracan EVO Spyder. The convoy consisted of the Aventador Ultimae, Huracan Sterrato, few other Huracans and a lot of Urus in different colours.

So many Lambos together, what a sight!

We had breakfast and flagged off. The entire convoy drew a lot of eyeballs on Mumbai roads and I could see numerous people taking videos on their phones. We headed towards Atal Setu and then got onto the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. I was in the Lamborghini Urus S, not in the driver’s seat but as a passenger in the rear seat. I actually found the ride quality better than expected.

Special parking for the Lamborghinis!

We reached Lonavala around lunch time and thankfully there was barely any traffic anywhere. The sight of a dozen Lamborghinis in various bright colours was remarkable. We had a delicious lunch and retired for the afternoon. In the evening, there was a soiree where customers interacted with each other and we also got to know a lot of insights. This entire event was organised by Lamborghini Mumbai.

The Aventador and Huracan have significantly different characters

I slept a little early because the next morning there was something in store for me and I was eagerly waiting for that. I woke up at 5:30 AM, got ready and at 6 AM I brought the Urus S to life. Lonavala was super quiet at that time and the roar of the V8 engine filled up the air. I drove the Urus to a nearby shoot location first and once I was done with my shoot, I drove the vehicle for an hour or so. What an incredibly amazing car!

The entire line-up

I’ll be sharing a detailed video and text review of the drive experience soon. Once done with my drive, I headed back to the hotel, had some nice breakfast and left for Mumbai. A weekend well spent for sure. The Lamborghini Bull Run is a great event for the owners and the Italian automaker organises such events in different parts of the country at regular intervals. Lamborghini also has the Giro drive event which is spread out over a period of 4 days and includes some really long drives. Which Lamborghini is your favourite, let me know in the comments below!

This is the Urus S which I drove. Review coming soon!