Langen 2-Stroke Cafe Racer Front
The Langen 2-stroke Cafe Racer looks beautiful with its retro touches

With almost all manufacturers using 4-stroke engines, fanatics have always craved a 2-stroke offering. We’re happy to announce that, Langen, a British manufacturer has just unveiled a 2-stroke motorcycle – the Langen 250cc Cafe Racer.

The only modern 2-stroke motorcycle to exist is the Suter MMX 500. It is a race-only motorcycle, which is not road legal. The MMX produces a massive 200 BHP from a 500cc mill and anyone who has ridden it has said that it can easily give any modern 1000cc superbike a run for its money.

Unlike the Suter MMX 500, the Langen 250cc is a road-legal motorcycle and it will be interesting to see how Langen manages to adhere to the stringent modern-day emission norms. After all, these norms were the reason because of which 2-strokes died a slow death.

Powering the Langen 250 is a brand-new, liquid-cooled, V-Twin, 250cc 2-stroke engine. While there’s no news on the power figures yet, we expect the bike to produce around 50-60 BHP, as a conventional 4-stroke 250cc engine produces around 25-30 BHP on average.

Coming to the design, the Langen 250 has a circular headlamp and a minimalistic design. While the frame seems to be straight off a race bike, the overall bike resembles a cafe-racer. To top it off, Langen has gone bonkers with the detailing, as it gets a dual-tone paint scheme, real 24-carat gold details and plenty of naked carbon fibre touches. It’s safe to say that this bike is gold (pun intended).

And, if all this doesn’t seem to tempt you, the 250 weighs just 113 kgs. That’s almost a whopping 50 kgs lighter than the average naked 250cc motorcycle. It also gets a double-disc braking setup at the front and wide clip-on handlebars for an extra edge in the handling department. It’ll also have the signature 2-stroke exhaust note which will be no-less than music to the ears.

The Langen 250cc will definitely be an exclusive motorcycle and it will also have a price-tag accordingly. If it were to arrive in India, we expect it to cost around Rs. 25 lakhs. While we’re keen to ride it someday, the chances of that happening are scarce here in India.

Langen 2-Stroke Cafe Racer

  • The Langen 2-stroke cafe racer is expected to produce around 50-60 BHP
  • Weighs just 113 kgs, arguably the lightest 250cc
  • Gets 24-Carat gold coating, carbon fibre elements and dual-tone paint scheme
Langen 2-Stroke Cafe Racer Engine
The 2-stroke 250cc mill will produce almost double power in comparison to a conventional 250cc engine
Langen 2-Stroke Cafe Racer Rear
The twin-exhausts resemble the old-school racing bikes