Mahindra Scrambler

Mahindra has just displayed two concept bikes – Scrambler and a Cafe Racer called jcMoto at the 2014 Auto Expo. These bikes have been designed by individual modification houses are they are based on the Centuro. These concept bikes go on to show how products from Mahindra can be personalised according to an individual’s tastes.

Mahindra is planning to associate with few modification houses to develop some custom versions of their products. Bikers will be able to connect with these modifiers and get bikes designed according to their own preferences. Mahindra feels their bike platforms are safe and reliable for these modifications.

Mahindra Scrambler Auto Expo

Mahindra Scrambler Auto Expo India

Mahindra Scrambler Concept

Mahindra Scrambler Concept Bike

Mahindra Scrambler India

Mahindra Scrambler Showcase

Mahindra Scrambler Unveil

Mahindra JC Moto

Mahindra JC Moto Auto Expo

Mahindra JC Moto Auto Expo India

Mahindra JC Moto Concept

Mahindra JC Moto India

Mahindra JC Moto Showcase

Mahindra JC Moto Unveil