Mahindra stops selling electric cars in the UK citing the reason that sales have been far too less.

2016 Mahindra e2oPlus Test Drive
Mahindra currently sells the e2o Plus in India which is a 5-door car

Mahindra wanted to go big on electric cars and greener transportation but it seems that fate had a different plan for the automaker in the UK. Mahindra has stopped selling electric vehicles in the UK and this development comes in less than a year of launching the e2o electric car in the market.

Sales of the electric car have been far too low cites Mahindra, in spite of the company considering the UK and many other European markets positive for adopting electric cars. It isn’t that these markets are new to electric vehicle technology, in fact there are various players selling electric cars in these markets. Then, what made Mahindra pull the plug for electric cars? Well, the sales did not match the level required to maintain an ongoing investment to feed the operations.

On the contrary, Mahindra says it’s now focused on the Indian market which is ‘well-poised’. Mahindra has been selling electric cars in India, but there are hindrances here too. Recently, the government had stated that it aims to have an all-electric car fleet by 2030, but hasn’t been able to figure out yet how to do that. In India we have the e2o Plus which is a good car, but there aren’t any support mechanisms for such cars.

First of all, the infrastructure needs to be worked on, where charging facilities would be available at nearby roads, parking lots and large public centres. Incentives, scrapping policies and the high costs that the electric vehicles come with should be charted out to make people consider electric cars. Most important of them all, in a market like India, a car has to be desirable. So, Mahindra needs to make their vehicles more desirable to be able to increase sales in the long run.

Mahindra Electric Vehicle Sales

– Mahindra has stopped selling electric vehicles in UK
– Mahindra says it’s now focused on the Indian market
– Lots of challenges are there for EVs in India too

Mahindra e2oPlus Rear
The e2o Plus comes with a 210Ah Lithium-ion battery with a range of 140 kms