With more than 5-years since the Mojo was first unveiled, Mahindra has taken a very long time to bring its 300cc motorcycle to the market but the wait seems to have been worth it.

Mahindra Mojo Studio Shot
The Mahindra Mojo is being positioned as a tourer bike for those who like to explore

It might have been very delayed but the Mahindra Mojo is a very promising bike indeed. The 300cc single-pot machine has already been tested by us and we revealed all the specifications earlier but now Mahindra has officially disclosed all the tech specs of the bike. There are some interesting features like limp mode which restricts the engine RPM to 5000 and the speed to 60 km/hr. The Mahindra Mojo uses a lot of European components including the suspension, ECU and brakes which are sourced from J.Juan of Spain.

Talking about brakes (uses petal discs), the Mahindra Mojo lacks initial bite for a more progressive feel at the lever. There is no ABS on offer but Mahindra has confirmed its plans to offer ABS on the Mojo from April 2016 (as an option). While this is a good move, offering the safety system from day one of launch would have been ideal. The company will be offering a dual-channel ABS unit on the motorcycle.

To start off, sales will only commence in 4 cities, namely Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Bangalore. Other cities will see availability of the Mojo early next year but the company is working to get the bike approved by the RTO in multiple cities. The motorcycle produces an impressive 30 Nm of torque and the torque range is between 4700-6700 RPM. The Mojo gets iridium spark plugs and the inverted forks get a triple clamp.

The rear monoshock is 25-degrees from the ground, something seen in middle-weight bikes. The twin exhausts are tuned for better sound, they have a dB killer. The bike’s DOHC motor gets a closed loop fuel injection system and doesn’t get rocker arms, it gets a slipper torque mechanism for easy starts. The radiator has a heat deflection cover to prevent the rider feeling the engine’s heat. The Mojo gets an auto headlamp controller which prevents battery drain while a roll-over sensor is also present that automatically switches off the engine when the bike tilts beyond 45-degrees, i.e. when going into a fall.

The Mahindra Mojo’s instrument cluster is very loaded and gets a 0-100 km/hr timer, top speed recorder and also marks the best RPM hit in every gear. The motorcycle gets Pirelli Diablo Rosso II tyres which offer terrific grip. With all rich components on the bike, the only sore point is the box-section swingarm. That said, for the Rs. 1.90 lakhs Mahindra is likely to ask for the Mojo, the hardware, performance and overall experience seems quite positive.

Mahindra Mojo Production Model
Mahindra has used high tech components on the Mojo, sourced from Europe
Mahindra Mojo Official
The tank can accommodate 21-litres of fuel, giving it a good range
Mahindra Mojo White
The white colour on the Mahindra Mojo looks good, three colours on offer
Mahindra Mojo Brochure
Mahindra is highlighting quite a few features of the Mojo in its brochure
Mahindra Mojo Features
The Mahindra Mojo is expected to be priced at around Rs. 1.80 lakhs
Mahindra Mojo Spec Sheet
The tech specs of the Mojo, the bike does come across as interesting