Mahindra Thar Aftermarket Grille
This radiator grille is a single unit and comes in the same colour as the housing

Mahindra Thar has been received well, except for the aftermarket-looking grille, that many reckon to be an afterthought, something that was conceived at a later stage.

We do not know if it was indeed the product of a last minute decision, to possibly avoid being drawn into legal battles like FCA had done in the USA over the Roxor’s front grille design.

However, if you are looking to buy the 2021 Mahindra Thar, then worry not, as there are aftermarket grille options that have hit the market even before the launch of the off-road SUV.

What the non-OEM grille does however, is bring back the design of the Jeep Wrangler’s grille, something that Mahindra have tried to avoid with the latest Thar.

The six slats are the same as the Wrangler and it is a single unit, incorporating even the headlights, unlike the new Thar, where Mahindra has added the grille as a separate unit and comes with a different colour. Also, there seems to be one additional headlight housing design as well.

Mahindra Thar Aftermarket Grille

  • Mahindra Thar aftermarket grille hits market
  • The product is out even before the SUV’s launch
  • Pictures of the aftermarket grille making rounds online
Mahindra Thar Aftermarket Grille Front
Will be interesting to see if it fits straight onto the car
There are various colour options and different headlight housing design
This is how the original unit looks like