Mahindra Thar Slatey Colour

Mahindra Thar, the impressively capable off-road vehicle, gets a new Slatey colour shade. MotorBeam reader Tarun Vyas caught the Thar in the new shade at a dealership in Bhilwara, Rajasthan. The new colour gives the Thar a classic and old-school image. That’s because the Slatey shade was previously offered with the Mahindra Major, which was based on the Jeep CJ3B. Slatey is a slate grey colour, which is an interesting mix of blunt grey and beige. The young audience won’t find the colour much appealing but it is a nostalgic shade for the grey-haired.

Since Maindra launched the Thar, it has got some necessary and convenient changes. The bare basic off-road vehicle got a mild update last year, addressing the niggling issues based on customer feedback. Mahindra added a new cross bar on the roof between the A and B pillar for improving body rigidity and lessing the rattles. The air-con switches are replaced that are derived from the Bolero for better durability. Inner door handles are replaced by stronger ones. Also, the rear seats are lowered by 6-7 mm for improved headroom.

The updated ergonomics on the Mahindra Thar also includes a simpler and durable process of strapping the soft roof, as it comes with four screws now. The most significant update on the Thar is the replacement of auto locking hubs on the front axle. The auto locking hubs are now replaced by fixed flange setup that keeps the front driveshafts always engaged. The new Slatey colour has been spotted on the Thar DI variant. We can expect it to be offered on the CRDe variants as well.

Mahindra Thar Slatey Front

Mahindra Thar Slatey Hood

Mahindra Thar Slatey

Mahindra Thar Slatey Side

Mahindra Thar Slatey Rear