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Wheel articulation is negatively affected because of the huge tyres

Driving Dynamics – The ground clearance of the Wanderlust has been increased in order to accommodate the huge wheels and this combination makes for an uncomfortable ride. The suspension feels quite stiff and bouncy. The big wheels limit the articulation during off-road and rub against the fenders if you go through difficult obstacles. However, the suspension feels robust and can take up a lot of abuse. The steering is stiff too and you need to put quite a lot of effort to turn around the car, with the large turning radius not helping matters either. The brakes also feel stressed if you try to brake hard, the stopping distance is quite long and you need to drive carefully because the car loses its composure easily under hard braking.

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There is quite a lot of body roll when you push it hard

Safety and After Sales Service – While Mahindra has a good network of service centres across the country, the Thar Wanderlust doesn’t get any safety features which is a gripe considering that this SUV costs Rs. 20 lakhs. Even the reliability of this modified Thar is questionable since some electronics stopped working in our test car.

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On or off the road, this is the ultimate vehicle if you wish to stand out from the crowd

Verdict – The Thar Wanderlust’s main USP is its styling that attracts a lot of attention on the road. Mahindra has done a fantastic job of making the car look very different from the regular Thar. The carmaker has loaded the vehicle with features that many customers would love to see on their off-roaders. However, the target audience is very limited since this vehicle is not practical for daily use and even the asking price is double the price of the donor vehicle. All in all, the Wanderlust solves the purpose of being an off-beat vehicle thanks to Mahindra Customs that made such an exclusive car with unique modifications.

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The electric sunroof works surprisingly well

What’s Cool

* Attention magnet with unique styling
* The gullwing doors look fantastic
* Quite a lot of features on offer

What’s Not So Cool

* Very costly modifications
* Stiff ride and uncomfortable seats

Alternatives: Mahindra Thar Daybreak

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The gullwing doors are a major highlight in the design of the Thar Wanderlust

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