Pulsar 200 NS vs Yamaha R15 Comparison

Happy New Year to all the manufacturers out there. Yup, it’s time all manufacturers celebrate what we did three months ago! “Year ending”, “year ending” is what we all heard everywhere we went. Year ending has its positives and negatives but mostly it is the sunnier side. You get awesome discounts right from clothes to motorcycles because everybody wants to finish their beloved “books”. Since Gudi Padwa and book finishing year ending was at the same day, the sales numbers achieved by manufacturers is enormous. The two-wheeler industry grew by 12.31% when you compare from March 2013 to March 2014. MoM wise too the industry flourished by 7.46%. Since the first three months are important and because of the political drama, tax benefits and the massive Auto Expo, things became slightly more sorted in terms of market dynamics. Let’s look at individual numbers to find out who has supported the flourishing industry the most.

Hero MotoCorp – Hero, being a Hero is at the top of the charts with five lakh plus units being sold last month as well. Growing by 3.93% on MoM basis and by 11.9% on YoY basis are good numbers to end last fiscal year. Numerous amount of products are on their way which should help Hero sustain these numbers or grow even higher. However, rivals are not far behind anymore. Honda is closing in and at a very fast pace to reach to the place where Hero has dominated for ages.

Honda – Honda is growing by leaps and bounds since the last two quarters. Honda has managed to sell two lakh scooters and motorcycles, TWO LAKH! That is a huge sum and a huge achievement too. These numbers are very close to the motorcycle giant, Bajaj and ex-partner Hero in terms of scooters. Honda with its aggressive plans and products is gaining momentum everywhere and reaching its said targets. YoY growth stands at 55% and MoM growth is 19.36% which are numbers that puts competition in a bit of a worry.

Bajaj Auto – No growth but no downfall at Bajaj Auto is what seems to be happening. Shipping out 2.6/2.7 lakh units every month is called consistency. However, when we go into detail we find out Bajaj is down by 0.99% on MoM basis but 1% gain over YoY. Bajaj says numbers are consistent because of the expansion of dealerships is slower than competition. New Discover 125M is here to add more boost to spooling numbers and even more Discovers are on their way to create more confusion.

TVS – Selling more motorcycles than scooters is what TVS has been doing so far in the past year. Riding high on the Jupiter’s success while refreshed Apache variants are doing mediocrely for the company. Do something more TVS to get even higher before it’s too late. MoM rise of 10.66% and 16% rise in YoY are healthy numbers to end last fiscal year.

Mahindra – Riding comfortably on the success of their entry-level bike, the Centuro, Mahindra is doing pretty good numbers as always. There is a 6.19% increase in MoM sales and 165% increase when it comes to YoY success. N1 variant driving in more customers? Couple of months and more analysis will let us know more about it.

Yamaha – A rise in 8.23% when it comes MoM figures is pretty impressive thanks to the new Alpha scooter and refreshed variants of the FZ and R15 (colours only) has helped Yamaha climb some steps towards the top. 29% increase when it comes to YoY sales is also very impressive. Bring in the quarter litre motorcycle Yamaha! Waiting game was not boring enough that now the teasing game begins. Numerous people are intense about their next purchase which depends on Yamaha’s next move.

Suzuki – Our kind friends at Suzuki have finally sent us numbers (as this time it was the year end). Shipping out 30,594 numbers of units is what Suzuki has been doing over the year. This means on YoY basis, they managed a 19% growth. The numbers had been quite low for the manufacturer last year. However, mass market’s favourite products are finally here. Inazuma doing minuscule numbers is just the beginning of a new life which is about to begin at Suzuki.

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