The Jiangnan TT is the cheapest car in China coming at just $2415. It is built upon the second generation Suzuki Alto platform and targets the lower income parts of China. 

Jiangnan TT Front Fascia
The Maruti 800 aka Jiangnan TT costs just $2415 in China

Chinese cars aren’t always people’s first choice when they wish to buy a car. But China is antithetical to this norm and have made huge strides in the automotive market lately. And the best way to start is to attract the common folk. Jiangnan Auto, a subsidiary of Zotye Automobile, have recently launched the Jiangnan TT which is the quintessential small car. It looks ever so familiar to the second generation Suzuki Alto (1984-1988) right from the headlamps to the rear fender. The same car was sold in India as the Maruti 800.

The Alto manufactured by Suzuki in a joint venture with Changan Automobile had made the license of production rights open to other automakers. Jiangnan Auto utilized this and thus the Jiangnan TT came into existence. It starts at just 15,800 yuan or $2415, after a discount of about 5000 yuan from the dealers. This makes it the cheapest production car available in the Chinese market. It is aimed at targeting  people from smaller cities and countrysides in China where looks and extravagance don’t strike a chord.

Under it’s little hood is an 800cc three-cylinder petrol engine that produces 36 HP of power and 60 Nm of torque. A 4-speed manual gearbox mated to the engine, powers the front wheels. It fits the brief perfectly – seats four people, carries a decent load with that boot and is an easy-to-use daily commuter. You can’t expect it to be a car that roars, instead, a mini-cruiser that can hit a maximum spped of 120 km/hr.

This little bundle is just 3.3-metres long and 1.4-metres wide making it the smallest across the small car segment and can fit into any lane or parking spot with ease. It shells out a decent mileage of about 19.2 km/l. The cost of maintenance, replacement and repair are quite low compared to its nearest competitors, which makes it all the more enterprising.

Maruti 800 Is The Cheapest Car In China

– Coming at just 15,800 yuan or $2415, it is the cheapest production car available in the Chinese market
– It is powered by an 800cc three-cylinder petrol engine, producing 36 HP and 60 Nm.
– At just 3.3-metres long and 1.4-metres wide, it is very compact
– After-sales costs are considerably low, making it apt for the target audience.

Jiangnan Interior
The cheapest car in China is powered by a 800cc, 3-cylinder petrol engine
Jiangnan TT Side Profile
The Jiangnan TT is based on the second generation Suzuki Alto platform