Tata Motors did not want its Altroz to spend this Valentine’s Day alone, so it invited its prime rivals, the Maruti Suzuki Baleno and Hyundai i20 on a date through a video.

Well, it is not an ordinary date either, for Tata called the premium hatchbacks for a crash date, as it states the “Altroz loves his rivals” and wants cupids to send this “message of love to them”.

The video starts with the Maruti Baleno and Hyundai i20 under wraps, with only their DRLs lit up, enough to tell the world which cars Tata is trolling, if the words Bae-Leno and Hi 20 were not clues direct enough.

Then the Altroz says, “Hey Bae-Leno and Hi 20, I know we have history. But, it’s Valentine’s Day, so, let me send my love to you. Would you like to go on a #CrashDate with me?”.

With the city of love in the backdrop, the Altroz is all dressed up and ready for the date at a table in a crash test lab, as a crash dummy, wearing a bow tie, holds a glass of champagne.

As many might be well aware, Tata has some of the safest cars in its portfolio, including the Altroz, which scored the full 5 stars in the Global NCAP safety tests.

Of late, the carmaker has been calling out its rivals regarding the safety of their products and has been promoting its cars as some of the safest vehicles in their class.

It would be interesting to see what kind of a response both Maruti and Hyundai India come up with for the Tata Altroz Crash Date request. Maybe the Altroz got stood up or maybe they have chosen to put this love to “test”.

The cars are inside a crash test lab with Paris in the backdrop
Tata Altroz Crash Date
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