A workshop in Bangalore has modified the Maruti Baleno with some catchy customisations.

Maruti Baleno Customised
This Baleno has an all black grille and blacked out headlamps

As we all know the premium hatchback segment in India is current being dominated by the Maruti Baleno. Getting to see modifications on this car is becoming a common thing nowadays but one such modification did stand out from the rest.

Custom workshop Mototrendz did their magic on the Baleno and the end product looks awesome. The most eye catching mod being the scissor doors. The colour of the car has been retained, but the pillars and the roof have been painted black for a dual tone look. Another big change is that they managed to put in a panoramic sunroof which is currently not even available as an option on any of the Maruti cars.

The grille has been painted black, the wheels have been changed to accommodate a fatter set of tyres. The changes are not limited to the exteriors but also to the interiors. The interiors get a dual tone red and black dashboard, custom floor mats, replica BRIDE bucket seats and a custom touchscreen audio system which comes with upgraded speakers.

There have also been some changes made to the engine which has a boost in the power output. The Baleno used for making these modifications is the 1.2 CVT Zeta petrol variant. This Baleno also comes fitted with a K&N air filter which also adds to a bump in power. The power figures have not been revealed but is surely more than the 83 HP that the stock Baleno produces.

Maruti Baleno Modified

– Maruti Baleno is the highest selling car in premium hatchback segment
– Changes have been made to the exteriors and interiors
– Mototrendz from Bengaluru did the modifications to the car

Maruti Baleno Modified Interior
The interiors get a dual tone red and black colour theme
Maruti Baleno Seats
BRIDE seats were used inside this car which gives it a sporty feeling
Modified Maruti Baleno
The wheels were also changed to accommodate a larger set of tyres
Maruti Baleno Custom
The modification was not only limited to the looks, changes were also made to the engine
Maruti Baleno Modified
Scissor doors are rarely to be seen on any car in India

Images Source – Mototrendz on Facebook