Maruti Fronx & Brezza crash test results not revealed yet, for internal testing only

In a bid to uphold its reputation as India’s leading automobile manufacturer, Maruti Suzuki has offered a rare glimpse into the safety testing procedures undertaken for Fronx and Brezza. The company claims that each of its cars undergoes over 50 crash tests before hitting the market.

The recently released internal crash test footage of the Maruti Fronx provides a behind-the-scenes look at the evaluation and validation process that precedes the launch of any Maruti vehicle.

At the core of Maruti Suzuki’s safety evaluation are multiple crash tests designed to closely scrutinise a car’s safety features. Specially calibrated dummies simulate real-life impacts, enabling an accurate assessment of how the vehicle protects its occupants during accidents.

In this video, Maruti Suzuki is trying to highlight the focus on creating a cocoon within the vehicle’s passenger compartment, integrating a crushable zone or crumple zone, to absorb impact and maximise passenger safety during collisions.

According to the carmaker, the scrutiny doesn’t end with basic crash tests. Before introduction to the market, each Maruti car undergoes more than 50 comprehensive crash tests. These evaluations assess various elements, including the deployment and efficacy of airbags, damage to seats and the impact on interior components.

The arrival of Bharat NCAP, India’s indigenous crash test rating system, marks a significant leap forward in ensuring vehicle safety standards within the country. We believe both the Fronx and Brezza will get a rating soon from BNCAP and we will get to see the comprehensive reports.