Maruti-Suzuki opened its new engine manufacturing facility in Gurgaon, today, where it will produce energy efficient 1,197cc K12M petrol engines. The four-cylinder engine, designed to deliver 85 ps of power, is the second aluminum engine being manufactured by Maruti in the country after the K10B, which is being used in the A-Star. The K12M engine will be used in the upcoming hatchback Ritz. The new engine complies with the Bharat Stage-IV emission standards, which are set to be enforced in select cities by mid-2010.

“The K12M engine is another example of Maruti Suzuki’s commitment to take engine technology in India to the next level. The K12M engine further strengthens Maruti Suzuki’s efforts for fuel efficient, green engine technology for Indian customers,” Shinzo Nakanishi, managing director and chief executive of Maruti Suzuki said.

Some of the salient features of the K12M engine are:

  • All aluminum low weight engine helps in better fuel efficiency.
  • Innovative Rocker-less DOHC cam shaft, plastic intake manifold and offset crank shaft with low tension rings to reduce losses.
  • Smart Distributor Less Ignition (SDLI) system with dedicated plug top coils, high pressure fuel system and advanced injectors for superior atomization to provide uniform and optimized combustion for better performance.
  • Optimized cylinder block, light piston and nut less con rods for light weight configuration.
  • Improved engine stiffness and use of advanced technology like silent timing chain to improve NVH characteristics.
  • Lower running costs.
  • Higher grade engine oil which improves first oil change time from 1,000kms to 10,000kms.
  • Increased Spark Plug Life : Spark plug change over time has been changed from current 20,000 Km to 40,000 Km.
  • Silent Timing Chain : Longer life in comparison to conventional belt design.
  • Valve Clearance Adjustment: Due to tappet design, valve clearance re-adjustment frequency has been reduced.