Alto rally being flagged off

The Alto from the country’s largest car maker, Maruti Suzuki is the most favourite car among the Indian consumers with its sales figures touching close to 24,000 units per month. In a drive to promote customer awareness in terms of fuel efficient driving Maruti Suzuki recently conducted an Alto Xplore Max Mileage rally. The rally was simultaneously flagged off in 4 states, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Jaipur. In all, 312 Alto cars including many women participants took part in the Alto Xplore Max Mileage Rally in these four cities.

“Maruti Suzuki has been pioneer in understanding the customer’s requirement of a highly fuel efficient cars. Specifically in the current scenario of ever escalating fuel prices, the fuel efficiency of a car becomes most critical factor for customers. Alto has always delivered very high mileage to customers and that is the most important factor behind Alto’s success as India. Such rallies not only educate the customers about ways to enhance fuel economies of their cars, but also give them an opportunity to discover the high mileage that cars from the Maruti stable deliver.” Mr Shashank Srivastava, Chief General Manager (Marketing), Maruti Suzuki, said.

During the rally, the participants were given a time chart, route map and maximum mileage booklet and the drivers had to follow a pre-defined route to the destination. To ensure accurate measure on the fuel consumed and mileage is achieved, the ‘Top up to top up’ method was used. The winner of the rally was Mr. Mr Dilip Das whose Alto returned a whopping mileage of 49.3 kmpl. The next best mileage achieved by Alto was 48.2 kms. Mr. Mehdi Hassan from Hyderabad drove this car while the third place in the best mileage chart was cornered by Mr. P Sai Sumanth, again from Hyderabad with his Alto fetching a mileage of 47.6 kms in a litre.

Maruti Alto Xplore