Maruti Suzuki is facing union issues at its Gurgaon plant which if not settled soon could result into a bad situation. Similar issues resulted in a huge fight at the Manesar plant in 2011.

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Empowering the workforce is a step every organization should take so that the employees don’t feel they are being exploited. As a part of rights, labourers are free to form unions in order to negotiate with the management or to deal with issues that may arise between the workforce and the higher management. But, when such unions become big and powerful, they tend to misuse the power sometimes and in many cases, minor tussles lead to prolonged fights and strikes. However, sometimes the companies act very strictly with the unions and the workers and people are suspended or terminated over minor issues if they raise their voices. A similar incident has happened in the Gurgaon plant of Maruti Suzuki.

Mr. Kuldeep Janghu who is the general secretary of the Maruti Udyog Kamgar Union was suspended after a slight scuffle with the supervisor who was supervising workers. As per reports, there was some issue in the parts department where a worker was manhandled by a manager which prompted Kuldeep to intervene in the matter. Soon after, he was suspended on disciplinary grounds by the management. The workers aren’t willing to accept the suspension and are in talks with the management over the same. According to Kuldeep, it was the manager who misbehaved and not him and hence he isn’t at fault.

Unofficially giving an ultimatum to Maruti Suzuki, Kuldeep Janghu has mentioned that anything is possible if the matter isn’t resolved soon. If the issue isn’t resolved and there’s a strike at the plant, production will be hit big time and the waiting period for popular cars might rise. At a time when most brands are providing ready delivery of their cars, customers might not wait for the cars from the Japanese brand and shift to rival companies. This scenario isn’t new for Maruti Suzuki as it had faced a much worse off situation in 2011 when the plant had to be shut down for a long time and a senior HR manager lost his life.

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