Maruti A-Star Wrapping hip hoper
Maruti Suzuki A-Star Wrapping - Click above for high resolution picture gallery

Maruti Suzuki has introduced the concept of ‘Wrapping’ to the Indian customer, with the introduction of an exclusive accessories pack for the A-star customer. Customers could now personalise their Maruti A-star and A-star automatic to suit their personality and choose from 16 interesting options. A special catalogue, displaying the available choices was also released. Each of the 16 designs are meant to bring out the lighter side of the customer and challenge him to don the avatar of a rock star or a sturdy rock or a nocturnal or an enigmatic personality, and many more such interesting looks. An A-star or an A-star automatic customer could get his car wrapped for a nominal cost by calling at 18100 1800 180.

“Designer car wraps lend novelty, makes the user stand out in a crowd and looks really attractive. Moreover, Gen Y – which forms our core TG, is always on the lookout for new and creative things to match their personality type. The best part about a wrap is that it makes the car look like an extension of you. This special accessory pack will provide discerning customers a ‘sporty feel’, and provide them with an opportunity to customise the car to reflect their attitude,” Shashank Srivastava, Maruti Suzuki India Chief General Manager, Marketing, said.