The Tata Bolt is a leap ahead of other vehicles from the stable. It comes with great features and quality of materials and hence we decide to put it against its rivals.

2015 Tata Bolt Diesel Specifications
The Bolt will be able to turn around Tata’s fortunes, just like the Zest

Exteriors – None of these hatchbacks are ugly-looking at all. The Maruti Swift has a very good and sporty design but the vehicle is too common on our roads now and hence one doesn’t really give it a second glance. The Tata Bolt on the other hand also looks good. There is some resemblance with the older Indica Vista in the silhouette though and Tata needs to work on improving its designs and not using the same body shapes over and over. The Hyundai Grand i10 looks eye-catching with its fluidic design. The rear looks European though and overall the vehicle is well-proportioned.

Interiors – Moving to interiors, the Swift has a nice-looking dashboard but again the quality of materials used is less than satisfactory, compared to the Hyundai. The Bolt features a dashboard similar to the Zest but in a different colour scheme. The materials used are of good quality too. The Grand i10 has the best quality components thought. The design of the dashboard is also good-looking.

Engines and Fuel Efficiency- The petrol variants of all three hatchbacks come with 1.2-litre units. Only the Bolt gets a turbocharged engine with three driving modes to choose from – City, Eco and Sport. The Swift feels good to drive and the Grand i10 too has decent power to pull the vehicle. The Bolt produces the most power and torque while the Grand i10 produces the least power. The Swift and Grand i10 have similar torque figures. The Swift has the best claimed fuel efficiency while the Grand i10 follows at second position.

The Swift and Bolt diesel variants get the exact same engine with similar power and torque figures. However, the 5-speed transmission has different gear ratios on both the hatchbacks. On the other hand, the Grand i10 gets a 3-cylinder 1.1-litre CRDI engine and it produces marginally lesser power than its rivals. On the mileage front, again the Swift is at the top and it is closely followed by the Grand i10.

Pricing – The Swift and Grand i10 are priced in close proximity of each other. Both of them make a fairly decent buy but the Grand i10 gets a lot more features than the Swift. Knowing how aggressively Tata priced the Zest, we can expect something similar with the Bolt too. The Bolt should be priced significantly lower than its rivals and it will surely turn out to be a winner.

Maruti Swift vs Tata Bolt vs Hyundai Grand i10 – Diesel Spec Comparo

Swift vs Zest vs Grand i10 - Diesel Comparo

Maruti Swift vs Tata Bolt vs Hyundai Grand i10 – Petrol Spec Comparo

Swift vs Zest vs Grand i10 - Petrol Comparo* All prices are ex-showroom, Delhi. Tata Bolt prices are estimated.
* Bolt mileage figures are not revealed, the mentioned figures are from the Zest.

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