Maruti Suzuki has officially launched the new SX4 which now also comes with a 4-speed automatic transmission variant. The new Maruti SX4 comes with a brand-new sporty honeycomb grille and 10-spoke 16 inch alloy wheels and dual tones interiors and plush upholstery. The new SX4 is available in 2 transmission – Manual and Automatic. While Manual Transmission has two variants VXi and ZXi, the Automatic Transmission is available in ZXi variant with optional leather upholstery. The ZXi variant also comes with safety features like ABS, EDB, Dual SRS airbags.


The VVT or Variable Valve Timing allows the timing of the intake valve to be changed while the engine is in operation, thereby ensuring that there is never a shortage or wastage of power. This leads to improved engine efficiency, optimized fuel consumption and lesser carbon emissions. With the advanced VVT technology, the car starts, accelerates and climbs steep slopes better. In essence, the technology is an intelligent system leading to a a smoother, more luxurious drive and better mileage. The superior technology engine helps the SX4’s four-valve, 1.6 litre engine produces 104.68ps@5600 of power and 145Nm @4100 rpm of torque.


The 4-speed automatic transmission makes the city drive much easier. A slick shift allows easy down-shift and effortless up-shift. The instrument cluster incorporates an electronic display to highlight the engaged gear. A cluster of computer controlled sensors constantly manage the throttle input and optimize the engine response accordingly, thus requiring no changing of gears. The overdrive mode in the Automatic Transmission provides additional power on the tap, whenever needed.


The interiors have been stylized in new two-tone beige colours to define calmness and luxury within the vehicle. The steering mounted controls are illuminated for easier usage at night, while there is a new provision of USB connectivity on the dashboard. In addition auto climate control system, and windshield antenna, the new SX4 sedan also offers illuminated key insert and variable instrument illumination. The SX4 now comes in an array of seven colours – Azure Grey, Pearl Arctic White, FRENCH ECLAIR (New), OYSTER BLUE (New), Clear Beige, Silky Silver, Midnight Black.


New Maruti Suzuki SX4 Prices (ex-showroom,  New Delhi) : –

  • SX4 VXi Manual – 6.68
  • SX4 ZXi Manual – 7.37
  • SX4 ZXi (Leather) Manual – 7.71
  • SX4 ZXi 4-speed Automatic – 8.02
  • SX4 ZXi (Leather) 4-Speed Automatic – 8.36