Fiat India has flagged off the Fiat Diesel Drives India roadtrip which will be taking Fiat’s 4 multijet diesel offerings – the Linea, Grande Punto, Palio and Fiat 500 through testing Indian terrains over a period of a month and a half. This one-of-a-kind journey will traverse through diverse terrains within 16 states in India, clocking over 10,000 kilometers in total. The drive has been aimed at generating awareness about Fiat’s rich history in connection with diesel technology as well as their longstanding success in rolling out endurance driven, yet stylish and classy automobiles. Through the extensive drive, Fiat will also look to reinforce the presence of their strong and ever growing network across India.

“Fiat’s diesel inventions and technology constitute a landmark position in global automobile history. Our state of the art 1.3 multijet engines have revolutionized the diesel movement and achieved unparalleled success abroad. The engines have always performed admirably and with excellent finesse in all kinds of diverse climates and terrains across the world. Fiat’s success story in India has also been somewhat similar. In India, though the dynamic climate and unpredictable terrains in particular has been a challenging test for our engines, we have overcome the test with flying colors. The ‘Fiat Diesel Drives India’ drive is Fiat’s way of showing that our engines have passed the Great Indian test and are at the highest level of competency and reliability as technology today can provide,” Mr. Rajeev Kapoor, President & CEO, Fiat India, said.