Unknown Army Vehicle Front

You saw this first on MotorBeam. We have just received these pictures of an army vehicle from our reader Johnson. The vehicle was spotted in Mundhwa, Pune and the driver of the truck just said that it has arrived from Delhi. It is an MDT Armor Avner which is an all-terrain vehicle. The Avner is based on the Dodge RAM 5500. The interiors are capable of seating three to eleven passengers. The Avner is available in various variants with short, medium or large bodies to choose from. Other optionals include a troop carrier. The Avner has a total of eight windows which include one windshield, five door windows and two rear windows.

The MDT Armor Avner is designed to be very wide and it comes with a flat floor. The front row gets three big seats which allow the army crew to sit comfortably in their battle gear. Two configurations are available for the front row – driver, navigator and commander or driver and two security men. The Avner comes with five doors and the seating position is configurable in many ways such as 8 forward-facing passengers or 3 forward facing and 8 side-by-side passengers. There is a small hatch at the rear which can be used for stocking weapons.

The MDT Armor Avner has a ballistic system with many add-on layers that improve the protection levels. Each and every armor panel is replaceable, repairable and upgradeable. All windows too offer similar ballistic qualities. The body capsule is mounted on a separate platform and it can be remounted on a new pick-up truck chassis. The huge Avner is powered by a 6.7-litre Cummins Turbo water-cooled diesel engine which produces 400 HP of power and 827 Nm of torque. The engine is mated to a 6-speed AISIN automatic transmission.

Unknown Army Vehicle Rear