Mercedes-Benz has been doing fantastically this year and the resignation of Dr. Wilfred Aulbur comes as a surprise. All of sudden Dr. Aulbur has put in his papers in search of greener pastures. Mercedes India has send us the following statement.

“Dr. Aulbur will be successfully completing his fifth year as the MD and CEO of Mercedes-Benz India by the end of 2010. Over these years, the company has grown aggressively and Mercedes-Benz has successfully managed to harness the potential in the luxury car segment. During his tenure, Mercedes-Benz established its presence in the truck and the bus business and significantly expanded its research and sourcing operations in India. With the construction of the new factory and several additional projects close to approval, Dr. Aulbur has decided to accept a new challenge outside of the Daimler group within India. Dr. Aulbur will remain with Mercedes-Benz India till a successor is identified to ensure a smooth transition.”