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Mercedes-Benz is the only car maker of the German trio that does not offer a 2.0-liter diesel unit in any of their cars. While other manufacturers like Audi and BMW offer 2.0-liter diesel engines with the A4 and 5-Series respectively. This helps them to offer their cars slightly cheaper than Mercedes-Benz, which has been losing market share off-late. Thus, the Stuttgart based automaker has decided to launch the C-Class and E-Class with smaller diesel motors in India. This will help the company to offer their cars at a cheaper price, attracting customers to its stable.

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The smallest diesel engine in the C-Class and E-Class is the 2.5-liter diesel, which takes the company significantly more to manufacture compared to a 2.0-liter unit. The company is now developing a 2.0-liter CDI diesel heart for the C and E-Class and will put it on sale by the end of next year. The cheaper engine will also be utilized on the upcoming Mercedes compact (A or B-Class). The lower displacement cars will also loose significant amount of equipment to help the company price the cars very aggressively.

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