Mercedes Benz has confirmed that it plans to bring down its range of small cars to India. The German automaker believes that small cars have a huge potential and will help them in increasing their market share to 10,000 units a year. Mercedes will unveil the A-Class concept, B-Class and an SUV (GLC) at the upcoming 2012 Auto Expo. The company also plans to expand its dealership network along with launching more diesel variants of its existing vehicles.

“We are talking to our German office to bring in smaller cars in the A and B-Class range that may have a great market potential in India. “The new B Class is a further development of the existing model while the new A Class will come on road by 2013-14,” Mercedes Benz India, MD and CEO, Peter T Honegg said. “We will rejig our portfolio, which is currently petrol heavy, since the competition’s sales are dominated by diesel-powered cars. We also need to focus more on the customer’s experience,” Honegg added.