2014 Mercedes E63 AMG Track Experience

Mercedes-Benz has gone one step further ensuring it provides the best of services to its prospective luxury customers in India. A helipad has been built in the premises of its plant at Chakan in Pune. This move is expected to offer customers of its AMG performance cars a first-hand experience of what the company has to offer. A specially-built arena will house all the AMG variants sold in India including the C63 AMG, E63 AMG, SLS AMG, SLK 55 AMG and the G63 AMG all of which carry a seven figure price tag in India.

Mercedes-Benz faces stiff competition from rival luxury automakers namely Audi and BMW in India for the top position as a premium luxury car maker. In order to get ahead of its competition, Mercedes-Benz has taken the latest move to offer a whole new experience to its customers and thereby increase the sales of the performance-packed variants on offer. AMG cars are typically aggressive and offer enhanced performance levels. These cars make extensive-usage of carbon fibre to facilitate weight reduction and increase vehicle dynamics.

Each AMG car is hand-built while Mercedes-Benz follows the “One man, One engine” philosophy. Each engine built by its builder gets a stamp in the form of an engraved plate. Mercedes-Benz has already sold more than 200 AMG cars across the country since it first introduced the lineup around three years back. Though it is a relatively a small target group, the company realises the growing potential in the segment. It wants to leave no stone unturned and hence currently offers fly-in services to the plant for its potential customers from Mumbai and will commence the same from other cities too eventually.

Mercedes-Benz has customers who even own their own choppers and are keen to fly-in to the production facility at their own convenience and this is exactly what the company is looking to offer. At the end of the day, customer is the king and it is uplifting to notice how serious premium car makers are about the Indian automotive market in the present days.

2014 Mercedes AMG

Valley Run Mercedes C63 AMG track


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