Two units of the Mercedes E400 Cabriolet have been imported to India in the beginning of this month pointing towards a launch in India in the next couple of months.

Mercedes E400 Cabriolet Wallpaper
Mercedes E400 Cabriolet has no direct rivals in India as of now

Mercedes-Benz has planned a massive launch of 15 new models for India this year. Three of these new products have been revealed, but the remaining models still remain to be a bit of a mystery. In view of this, Mercedes-Benz has just imported two units of the E400 Cabriolet to India signifying that the E400 Cabriolet will be launching soon and will be one of the 15 new models planned by Mercedes for 2015.

The E400 Cabriolet has a 3.0-litre (2996cc) twin-turbocharged V6 engine producing a maximum 329 HP at 6500 RPM and 354 Nm of torque at 3500 RPM. The car is driven by a 7-speed automatic transmission. Though the E400 Cabriolet generates more power than its elder sibling, the E-Class, we expect the E400 to be similar to the E-Class in terms of driving dynamics. The E400 also looks quite similar to the E-Class minus two rear doors. Mercedes-Benz has fitted the E-class cabriolet with an electrically powered fabric top and not a folding hard-top. The soft-top will help in providing more room in the trunk when the top is off.

The car is likely to feature Attention Assist, a collision-prevention system, cross-traffic alert, lane-keeping monitor, active cruise control and many other driving aids. The two units of the 2015 Mercedes-Benz E400 Cabriolet have been imported from Germany at a price of Rs. 22,06,843 and Rs. 22,33,684 respectively. But the showroom price of the car is expected to be well upwards of Rs. 60 lakhs due to high import duties.

Mercedes E400 Cabriolet Rear
The E400 Cabriolet will look to target a wide-range of buyers with its elegance and sportiness

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