Mercedes-Maybach S650 Review Test Drive
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Mercedes-Maybach S650 Review

Car Tested: 2018 Mercedes-Maybach S650; Road Test No. 1017; Test Location: Mumbai

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 3,01,85,035/-

The Mercedes-Maybach S650 is not just about luxury, it’s also surprisingly quick

The Mercedes S-Class is often referred to as the best car in the world but when the best isn’t enough, Mercedes will offer you the Maybach, a variant of the S-Class which ups the ante by offering even more space, luxury, performance and technology. The facelifted model is available in the locally assembled S560 trim and the completely imported S650 which also happens to be the flagship of the S-Class lineup in India, it has impressed us thoroughly.

MotorQuest: The sixth generation Mercedes S-Class was launched in 2014 and the Maybach variant was introduced in 2015. Both the S-Class and the Maybach variants got the mid-life facelift earlier this year. India is the second country in the world where the Maybach is assembled.

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The Mercedes Maybach S650 is longer thanks to the increased wheelbase, it looks intimidating

Exteriors – The Mercedes S-Class got revisions to its design earlier this year and the same has been carried over to the Maybach as well which gets its own design theme with the bumper, grille and the wheels. The lights look beautiful at night and are very powerful too while the grille has the Maybach logo on it. The 20-inch wheels are unlike any wheels you have seen on a car, they simply look classy. Maybach logos on the C-pillar along with the massive length and wheelbase immediately point to this not being a regular S-Class.

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Interior might be too similar to the regular S-Class but is more luxurious

Interiors – The interior is nothing short of a 5-star extravaganza. Everything feels rich, luxurious and stitched beautifully, right from the wood to the leather. The seats offer terrific comfort, no matter where you choose to sit while the attention to detail is simply marvellous. Loads of buttons in this car because it comes with a ton of features including some radar based ones. All the seats have V12 badging on them to remind you about the beast of the motor that propels this limo.

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The rear seat can rival a room in a 5-star, no, we aren’t kidding!

There is so much attention to detail inside the cabin, the Germans have really thought it through

The twin 12.3-inch screens are supported by a single-piece glass and looks fab, one is for the instrument cluster and the other is for the infotainment system. The COMMAND unit works well but there is no touch-screen here, your choice of input is via the rotary knob or the touchpad. The colours are rich and the instrument cluster has 3 modes for the meters, we loved the progressive and you can change the tacho side to see what you like, right from the map to the G-force meter and the real time torque usage.

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The screens are big but there is no touch-screen on offer here

At the rear, there is plenty of space, there is no dearth of kneeroom, legroom or under-thigh support. The left rear seat can be made a bed, complete with a footboard, both the front seat headrests also carry 10-inch screens with individual remotes and wireless headphones to consume media. The features list is of course endless but the things that stand out are the massage functions on all four seats (also gets heated and ventilated functions), twin panoramic Magic roof that changes colour based on temperature, 64-colour ambient lighting, soft door close, night vision camera, 360-degree cameras, Burmester 3D surround sound speakers that rotate out when you turn the volume up and rotate in when you turn the volume down. This car makes you feel truly special with all the comfort, luxury and technology.