Mercedes Coupe Concept SUV

You know them as the C-Class, CLA-Class, E-Class, G-Class, SL-Class, SLK-Class, M-Class in Mercedes’ lineup. With so many products spread across a variety of segments, Mercedes surely has an expansive product portfolio under its belt. However, if you remember the model names as they are right now, you will have to start learning all over again as the German auto giant is all set to revise the majority of its nomenclature on its models starting from 2015 to streamline its entire model range.

The first model that will be given a new name will be the M-Class (known as the ML-Class but casually referred to as the M-Class), which is scheduled to receive a facelift in 2015 and will be called as the GLE-Class as per the new nomenclature. Earlier this year, Mercedes showcased the Concept-Coupe SUV based on the M-Class and will be called ‘GLE Coupe’. In a bid to have less confusion of model names for customers, the German automaker has resorted to making the changes in the nomenclature of its models. The GLE and GLE Coupe monikers are in response to the same ideology.

It can also be confirmed that the ‘E’ in GLE is intended to showcase the resemblance at Mercedes’ similarly sized E-Class sedan. Moreover, the GLE badge will completely replace the ML badging on the Mercedes SUV. While complete details on Mercedes’ new naming philosophy is still not available, it is known that the next set of SUVs and crossovers will be known by the names GLA, GLC and GLE, taking hints from the CLA-Class, C-Class and the E-Class respectively. The GLC will slide in between the GLA and GLE, and also has a coupe version in the works. The GL-Class will be renamed to GLS, thereby signifying it is the S-Class of SUVs.

The M-Class however is not the first model to get the changed nomenclature. Mercedes has already made the change of renaming the CL-Class as the S-Class Coupe when the latest generation model was launched. Other manufacturers too have made changes in the past to their nomenclature for easier understanding of models. In the mid-1990s, Audi went ahead changing the Audi 80 to the A4 and the Audi 100 to the A6. In recent times, Infiniti has undertaken the process to make changes to its nomenclature, so that model names are easier to remember for customers.

Mercedes-BenzConcept Coupe SUV Beijing

Mercedes-Benz Concept Coupe SUV Display

Source – Car and Driver