Mercedes is using high tech LED headlight technology that offers improved performance and lower cost when compared to new laser light technology.

Mercedes Multibeam LED Technology
The new Multibeam LED technology uses 84 high performance diodes

While rivals Audi and BMW opting for laser light technology on their state-of-the-art flagship vehicles, Mercedes-Benz has chosen not to join the bandwagon and instead announced the use of LED headlights called ‘Multibeam LED’ for its range of future models. The new LED headlights will feature 84 diodes per lamp from the current 24 diodes, which promises to provide enhanced quality and improved safety with reduction in blinding the oncoming traffic. The automaker says that headlights are like digital cameras and thus more points of light or pixels equal to better visibility. The company is also working to improve the resolution of 1024 pixels which is also attainable.

The new Multibeam LED lights have evolved from the LEDs used on the 2015 CLS four-door coupe. Mercedes states that the new light technology enables ideal visibility in all driving situations without dazzling other road users, which has been the company’s priority when developing the new light system. The company states that more individual lighting elements are expected to yield more control to the extent where lighting can be controlled individually without the need of mechanical actuators to control the physical reposition of the light.

Furthermore, Mercedes is also working to incorporate LED technology into high range LED high beams, which will allow visibility at a range of up to 600-metres and will come with greater precision. Speaking on not using Laser technology currently offered by its rivals, Mercedes stated that LEDs can achieve the same performance at lower cost and complexity. While a timeline for the launch of the new advanced LED technology has not been determined, the 2015 CLS will feature the first stage of Multibeam LED lights.

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Mercedes Multibeam LED Lights
The LEDs allow improved control without the need of physical actuators to position the light
Mercedes Multibeam LED 84 Diodes
Mercedes is also planning to introduce high range high beam LEDs in the future