MG Gloster Reasons To Buy
The SUV is a very desirable product and is well specced too

MG has managed to give people plenty of reasons to buy its flagship Gloster SUV, having priced it very aggressively despite offering notable first-in-segment features.

It does mean that its rivals will have something to worry, because MG is bullish about its presence in the Indian market and even has plans to increase localisation levels. But not everything is good about the car and we tell you what’s what.

MG Gloster 4 Reasons To Buy

Price – Who would have thought that an SUV of this size, carrying so many features would cost less than Rs. 35.50 lakhs (ex-showroom) for the fully-loaded trim! That is called killer pricing and is sure to lure in many a customer.

Features – Even the base trim gets LED lights all-round, 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system, Bluetooth music, among others while more features like driver assistance system and connected car features are offered as one moves up the variant ladder. In fact, the Gloster also features level-1 autonomous driving.

Performance – There is a 2.0-litre diesel engine on offer with the car and the twin turbo version has 480 torques to play with, meaning despite its size and weight, it can be quick. The potent powertrain is surely gives the huge MG Gloster a lot of punch.

Ride – MG has given its flagship product a soft suspension setup but has ensured that it is not wallowy, but rather pliant. We reckon that it has better ride quality than some established SUVs and this will result in passengers, even after taking long trips, not getting tired quickly.

4 Reasons Not To Buy

360 Degree Camera – Such a big vehicle needs a 360 degree camera system and MG has provided it on the Gloster. But the quality of the cameras could have been better.

Limited Service Network – This will be the one sore point against the entire MG Gloster reasons to buy list. People who invest a large sum on a car would want a hassle-free ownership experience. MG’s service network isn’t as large as some other automakers’ and even though MG is working their way up, it’ll take some time.

Third Row Space – Although it is not as bad in other 7-seater SUVs, the final row is best reserved for shorter adults or to-be adults. If the second row passengers recline their captain chairs, then the third row space gets very limited.

Fuel Consumption – There is a price to pay when one buys such a big and heavy car and that is fuel bills. The twin turbo diesel is powerful and punchy, but also rather thirsty. Thankfully, the fuel tank capacity is 75-litres, which would mean trips to the fuel station can be kept low.

Several segment-first features are offered on the SUV