MG has released a video explaining the automatic parking assist on the Gloster SUV that is expected to be launched in India very soon.

But before we take a look at the parking assist function, there are details that need to be mentioned. For example, the tailgate is powered and responds to feet gesture to open, while closing it can be done with the touch of a button.

Further, the word Gloster is picked out in bold letters on the tailgate, while we can also see the 4-wheel-drive and ADAS badges on the left end of the rear section.

Now for the main feature of the video – MG Gloster automatic parking assist. The driver has to press the park assist button which is situated near the gear selector near the place where they would like to park.

The car then scans for a parking slot using various sensors and when it finds the space, the driver has to just select the reverse gear and the car will slide into the space available to park itself by itself.

Of course, the driver would have to select the gear and then press the brake pedal, once they find that the car is suitably parked, to disengage the system. But it is a neat trick nonetheless.

Moreover, MG is clearly claiming that the car is India’s first Level 1 autonomous premium SUV. Thus, it has self-driving capabilities only up to the basic level, which is well and good.

As we have reported earlier, the car will be launched in October and will come with a few other advanced driver assistance features, on-demand 4-wheel-drive, among various other features.

MG Gloster Automatic Parking Assist

  • MG releases official video showcasing Gloster’s auto parking assist
  • The SUV gets Level 1 autonomous features
  • MG claims it is India’s first premium SUV to get the tech
MG Gloster Automatic Parking Assist Instrument Cluster
Sensors scan for free parking space to slot the car into
MG Gloster Automatic Parking Assist
The function is useful if one does not want to bother parking the car themselves
MG Gloster Rear
The name of the car is spelled out in bold letters on the tailgate