MG Hector Technology
The Hector will get spacious interiors thanks to the big size


The MG Hector is based on the Baojun 530. The car is fairly large in terms of dimensions. The Hector is 4655 mm long, 1835 mm wide and 1760 mm tall. It also has a long wheelbase of 2750 mm. This makes the Hector one of the biggest cars in its segment. It beats almost all its rivals in terms of dimensions only to be overshadowed by the Harrier in width. The Tata Harrier has a width of 1894 mm in comparison to 1835 mm of the Hector. The Baojun 530 is only available in a 5-seater configuration in China. However, the Hector might get a 7-seater version as well especially with so much space on offer.