MINI Vision Urbanaut Front
When the car is not in use, the lights will not be visible, a nice touch

MINI has revealed the Vision Urbanaut concept car which it calls is an all-new interpretation of a vision of space.

This digital vision vehicle has been conceived to offer more interior space and versatility on a minimal footprint and to do that augmented reality was employed.

The exterior design of the MINI Vision Urbanaut follows the brand’s formula of short overhangs with wheels positioned right at the corners of the body.

Lighting elements, which can change colour, sit behind milled aluminium covers delivering a fresh look depending upon the various driving modes and “MINI moments”.

There are no sharp lines anywhere, instead, every surface is curvy and smooth and there is a lot of glass. Further, the matt exterior shade named “Zero Gravity” transitions from a metallic green with blue flip effect to a subtly toned grey.

Interestingly, skateboard wheels are illuminated and are finished in Ocean Wave (turquoise blue) shade. Their appearance changes according to the selected MINI moment too.

If the exterior looks different, the interior beats that since the layout can be changed in many different ways, including transforming it into a living room.

Designers have provided the concept with only one door, a sliding unit on the right side. Designed to seat four, the MINI Vision Urbanaut has seats that can rotate and the backrests of the rear ones can be folded (left rear) or turned around (right rear).

Do that and the space becomes the “Cosy Corner” for passengers to relax. A textile covered “Loop” extends over the seat bench and features the option of LED backlighting. In the middle section, we can see a small table with a plant.

Further, when the car is stationary, the dashboard lowers and the driver’s area becomes a comfortable seating corner. The windscreen can be opened upwards too.

Having been conceived from the outset as an electrically powered vehicle with automated driving functions, the MINI Vision Urbanaut has done away with buttons and switches.

Now, coming to the highlight feature the “MINI moments”, which are named – Chill, Wanderlust and Vibe.

Chill means…err chill, Wanderlust is the moment where the car is being driven or driving with automated functions and Vibe puts time with other people at centre stage. The car’s exterior and interior change to reflect each MINI moment.

Moreover, there is a “MINI Token” that activates the three preconfigured MINI moments. Other MINI moments are conceivable too.

Since it is conceived as a car for the future, it will come with the latest connectivity features and can even be opened using smart devices. The concept does not use chrome or leather and makes do with recycled materials.

MINI Vision Urbanaut

  • MINI has revealed the Vision Urbanaut concept car
  • The EV aims at maximising interior space for passengers
  • MINI moments are the highlights of the concept
MINI Vision Urbanaut Interior
This is how the normal seating looks like
Front Seat Area
The front of the car can be transformed into a “Daybed”
Rear Seat Area
This is the “Cosy Corner” at the rear of the car
Rear Profile
There are smooth curves everywhere
MINI Vision Urbanaut
Yup, the windscreen opens, when the car is stationary