A video shows a modified Yamaha R15 hitting the 180 km/hr mark, gets a turbocharger to do the job.

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The Yamaha R15 has been one of the most loved motorcycles in India, especially for the youth. The motorcycle features sharp styling, race-track ergonomics and a rev-happy engine. The R15 is mod-friendly but most of the modified Indian R15s feature visual changes. However, a Thailand based tuning house, TuneBoss has modified the featured R15 to hit 180 km/hr.

Visually, the motorcycle features a custom paint shade. The motorcycle has been finished in a shade of gloss orange and black and looks pretty striking. The main modification element though is the turbo kit setup here. While there isn’t much that was revealed about the motorcycle’s specification, the video does show the R15 hitting a top speed of 180 km/hr. The motorcycle is seen being tested on a dyno setup. The turbocharged 150cc engine of the R15 develops 22.9 HP of peak power compared to 19.8 BHP of the stock R15. This is a considerable increase in power output. Moreover, the motorcycle now redlines well over the 12000 RPM mark.

The modification made on the motorcycle includes a quick-shifter, voltmeter, a gear shift indicator, custom clip-on handlebar, custom orange paint scheme and USD front forks. The tuning house has also added projector headlight setup, a custom rear swingarm, a free-flow exhaust, a rear cowl and new LED parking bulbs. This turbocharged R15 does look and perform really well. What do you think of this modification? Let us know in the comments section.

Modified Yamaha R15

– The customised Yamaha R15 gets a unique paint job and sporty styling
– It has been fitted with a turbocharger that produces 22.9 HP
– It can hit a top speed of 180 km/hr

Yamaha R15 Turbo
Yamaha R15 modified with a turbocharger