Tata Nano Police Car

We are seeing the Nano everyday draped in its normal avatar passing by in yellow, grey, red and other colours but the next time you see a Nano in Mumbai don’t be surprised to see it as a police vehicle. Yes, you heard it right after entering the taxi business in Sri Lanka, Tata Nano is trying to fit in the Police enforcement capacity. The car is proposed by Tata company officials who paid a visit to the Mumbai Police HQ and proposed the use of Tata Nano as a secondary car which will replace the bikes. Generally Police patrolling is done on  two wheelers as it’s easy to get in the naughty small lanes of Mumbai. Nano will be sold to the Police under the USP of being able to squeeze in tight places and carry artillery as the car provides more storage than a two-wheeler.

One such Police Nano is kept in the Commissioner’s office for examination and efficiency tests. Nothing is finalised yet and more details are yet to emerge. What we wonder is with issues of the Nano’s rear engine and more Nano’s getting burnt down is it really safe enough for the Police use and secondly is it strong enough to withstand the hardship a Police car has to go under every day? Well Mumbai Police will consider all this points and hopefully come to a solution. What do you think will a Police Nano work?

Source – DNA