2015 Bajaj Pulsar 200 SS

The flagship Pulsar 200 NS will soon be joined by a full-faired sibling christened as the Pulsar 200 SS. While the bike shares its underpinnings with the 200 NS and gets its looks from the 400 SS showcased at the Auto Expo, not much is actually known about what is going on under the camouflage of the sports motorcycle. However, some new and significant details of the Pulsar 200 SS have emerged online, courtesy of Mr. Abhimanyu Thakar who caught the bike off-guard near Aurangabad and managed to snoop in some information from the Bajaj official riding the quarter-litre bike.

As per Abhimanyu’s conversation, the Pulsar 200 SS will get some serious changes differentiating it significantly from the 200 NS. The 200cc engine will now be equipped with fuel-injection technology (launched on 200 NS internationally), while the power output has increased to almost 26 BHP from the current 23.17 BHP (not confirmed but that’s what was told by the Bajaj official who was testing the bike). The front disc brake on the bike was from Bybre (just like the current setup), while the rear brake is said to be still under development. There was no mention of ABS though. On ignition the lights above the projectors turn on, working as daytime running lights.

The rider further claimed that the full-faired 200 SS is more stable, while the NVH levels too have been reduced. He also added that the Pulsar 200 SS will return a very efficient claimed mileage of 48 km/l and if true, will certainly be one of the best in the segment. Bajaj was transporting the 200 SS to its Aurangabad plant for research purposes, where 50 percent of the Pulsars are produced and the build quality is said to have been much better than existing Pulsars. The Pulsar 200 SS will also get a regular side mounted exhaust muffler, instead of the underbelly unit found on the 200 NS. The bike sounded better than the current flagship Pulsar.

This also explains why Bajaj is testing the bike since a long time, despite sharing its underpinnings with the Pulsar 200 NS. If the claims are to be believed, the Pulsar 200 SS will certainly be one of the best motorcycles in the segment with excellent power and economy figures. 26 BHP certainly sounds overwhelming and would make the 200 SS one hoot of a performer. Moreover, the impressive fuel economy will only add to the bike’s impressive credentials. Expect the pricing to be around Rs. 1.50 lakhs (on-road, Mumbai) when launched in the country in 2015. The test bike had done more than 19,000 kms.

Pulsar 200 SS FI

Pulsar 200 SS Mileage

Source – Abhimanyu Thakur’s Facebook Page