2014 Fiat Punto Evo Front Chrome

Fiat is known to make really elegant and emotional designs when they craft their cars. The tradition is in almost every sibling company too. The Grande Punto was designed in 2005 and something which still pulls eyes to the very maximum in that Ferrari red colour. The year 2009 Punto received a facelift in Europe and was called the Punto Evo something which is coming to India in 2014. The Grande Punto came to India when it was discontinued in Europe in 2009. It is clear that Fiat is bringing products so late that they go out of production elsewhere. However it is just not these tactics which makes the brand hear all the curse words in the world.

The Punto Evo which we are getting is not the same which is seen worldwide. The front-end is completely different to the European version and the rear is similar with those tail lights but the badging and boot is also different than the European Punto Evo which we will get in India soon. However, it’s the front-end which looks like the Vauxhall/Opel Corsa which was launched in the UK recently. The Corsa is a very popular car in the UK which now shares the design of the even more popular car, the Vauxhall Adam which was targeted to fight the “cute” war with the legendary Fiat 500.

The new Indian Punto Evo is very reminiscent of the Vauxhall Corsa which you can clearly see but only at the front-end. The flat bonnet, the stretched headlights and parted grille and bumper with fog light inserts also look the same. Has Fiat, the leader in designing elegant cars, started taking inspirations? It looks like so! However, the Punto Evo has the classic side profile and rear styling of the old Punto which won’t disappoint Fiat fans after all. All in all, the Punto Evo is a great looking car and bespoke interiors, fun to drive characteristics and value for money pricing may help jump start Fiat’s sales in India as they have made a lot of effort to correct their image after parting away from Tata Motors at the dealer end. “Buona Fortuna Fiat”

2015 Vauxhall Corsa

Fiat Punto Evo India