Tata Motors has plans to develop a new platform for the Land Rover stable to win defence contracts from Europe, China, Russia and India. Land Rover, with nearly 60 years experience, provides armed forces around the globe with light vehicles designed to meet a wide range of defence and peace-keeping roles.

The standard defence vehicle in the Land Rover stable is based on the Defender heavy-duty 4×4 platform. The military versions of Defender are based on the civilian version, having the same basic chassis, powertrain, axles and bodywork.

Tata Motors has been providing defence solutions including armoured trucks for over five decades. The company has so far supplied over 10,000 vehicles to the Indian military and paramilitary forces. At the Defence Expo earlier this year, the company showcased the Tata Light Speciality Vehicle (TLSV), a reconnaissance vehicle, in an attempt to expand its offerings.

The company also makes light armoured troop carrier (LATC) with remote controlled weapon station (RCWS) designed for movement of troops and produces the armoured version of the Safari SUV for the army.