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Quality, precision, technology and class don’t need time to get noticed. If you are the best, no one can stop you from being in the limelight. The all new fourth generation Range Rover carries a similar story to its credit. This world class SUV has bagged ten international awards in just three months ever since its production began. Indeed, the results speak for themselves about the world’s first all aluminium monocoque SUV.

The all new Range Rover was launched last October and has been in demand since then. The advanced technology and engineering are the prominent reasons why this new model has grabbed everyone’s attention alike. Associating ten international awards to its name has only strengthened its promise to its esteemed customers. The all new Range Rover comes with refined technology, enhanced performance and handling.

“We are proud of the recognition the Range Rover is receiving from international motoring organizations and publications. It is a fantastic achievement and a great endorsement for the model, which has only been in production for three months,” John Edwards, Global Brand Director, Land Rover, said.

To name a few, the 2013 Range Rover got the title “Dream Machine” by Autoweek. It bagged the “Luxury car of the year” award from What Car? and Top Gear magazines. Auto Motor und Sport gave their award for ‘Best Cars – Import Category’ to this beauty. It also emerged as the ‘4×4 Category Winner’ in The Sunday Times’ Top 100 Cars 2012. Adding to all these, the AUTOBEST group of motoring writers named the all new Range Rover as “TECHNOBEST 2012″ which was yet another feather on its cap. We at MotorBeam have given the Range Rover the 2012 import car of the year award. Indeed, the best deserves the best!

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