Japanese automaker Nissan is carrying out tests of a new concept electric vehicle that promises ease of use and zero emissions.

Nissan Mobility Concept EV Front
With zero emissions, Captain Nissan is out there to save the environment!

Nissan has developed a new concept electric vehicle that is small enough for city usage and comes with a seating capacity for two people. The vehicle has been designed for senior citizens, students and young professionals who need to travel short distances. Thanks to the vehicle’s small size, it is also compact enough and convenient when it comes to parking. The compact size also makes sure that the car doesn’t cause as much of a congestion as a normal car. The vehicle also offers Zero Emission Mobility which is quite a boon taking in account the amount of pollution that is already happening.

The 2-seater concept car is also aimed to improve tourist mobility. The vehicle can be stationed at public places like metro stations or bus stops so that it is easily accessible for all. The car is as practical as a scooter but comes with added safety. The vehicle runs on 100% electric power and has a rated output of 8 kW (10.72 BHP) while its maximum output is 15 kW (20.11 BHP). On a full charge, the concept has a cruising range of around 100 kms. It can be charged using a normal 200V charger and it takes 4 hours for it to be completely charged.

The vehicle isn’t available for sale right now. The laws do not allow such a vehicle to be plied and Nissan has been conducting testing in Japan by taking special permissions from the government. Even whether the car will be launched for sale in the future or not still remains an unanswered question. The electric vehicle has a turning radius of 3.4-metres. The concept misses out on windows and since the doors do not close completely, there are chances of water pouring inside when it rains. Such concepts are good for mobility as well as the environment so we do hope to see it in action one day.

We had a taxi ride in the Nissan New Mobility Concept EV in Yokohama, Japan and were quite impressed by it. It is quick to accelerate and makes almost no noise at all. Manoeuvring the car is a breeze thanks to its compact dimensions and visibility ahead is good too. Thanks to its small size, parking is a breeze and with the vehicle charging quickly and going for an impressive 100 kms on full charge, range is more than enough for daily city use. This electric car is the need of the hour for congested cities of the world.

Nissan Mobility Concept EV Space
The interiors have been kept quite simple and functional
Nissan Mobility Concept EV Rear Seat
The rear seat will be best suited for small kids only
Nissan Mobility Concept EV
This vehicle can cruise for 100 kms on a full charge
Nissan Mobility Concept EV Rear
The Mobility concept takes four hours to charge fully