Nissan Micra Long Term Review Final Report

Expanding its export operations since 2010, Nissan has overtaken Maruti Suzuki to become India’s second largest exporter for the financial year 2013-14. Nissan saw a significant growth of 17 percent in the last fiscal and exported 1.18 lakh units of its vehicles in the year. Maruti on the other hand saw a 16 percent decline in exports with 1,18,857 units exported from the country. Hyundai continues to lead the pack.

Maruti’s decline in exports comes from the changes in the homologation norms in the Algerian market. Other African countries too have signed a preferential import duty agreement with European companies imposing non-tariff barriers. Cars from the European market enter these markets with a 10-20 percent lower duty than that imposed on Indian carmakers. Nissan exports 85 percent of its production from the Oragadam plant to the overseas markets. Fully-built cars like the Micra are exported to markets like Europe and Africa. The manufacturer also exports engine and body parts to other markets from the country.

SIAM compiled the total exports from India which stood at 5.50 lakh units for the last fiscal. India’s largest exporter Hyundai saw sales falling by 10.2 percent with 2.33 lakh units exported, down from 2.56 lakh units in 2012-13. Other manufacturers like Toyota saw a marginal rise in exports by 16.31 percent to 27,266 units; while Volkswagen clocked in more shipments, exporting 32,588 units last financial year.

Nissan is expecting to see a steep rise in exports with the addition of Datsun models. The made in India Datsun cars will be exported to other emerging markets, where the brand will make its debut soon. Nissan started exporting CKD units of the Sunny sedan to Egypt, which has also aided in the rise of export units. Maruti Suzuki confirmed that it will be stopping all exports to Europe for the next 14 months. The company stated that it will begin exports once again, when the new premium hatchback (codenamed YRA) makes its debut next year.

Nissan exports a number of vehicles and components to over 14 countries which include markets like the UK, Brazil, Mexico and the USA. The company exported over 3 lakh passenger vehicles in its 3 years of operations and plans to take on the top spot in exports by 2016.

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