The Nissan Kicks Concept study previews the production model of an urban crossover that has been designed under a global collaboration with the model being extended to other markets as well in the future.

Nissan Kicks Concept Wallpaper
The Nissan Kicks concept has high chances of entering production in Brazil

With Brazil being a lucrative market for the Japanese automaker, Nissan has showcased the Kicks Concept study at the ongoing Sao Paulo Auto Show that previews the crossover’s production model and has been designed exclusively for the Latin American country. The automaker stated that the product is a result of global collaboration designed under the leadership of Nissan’s Global Design Centre in Japan as well as inputs from the Nissan Design America (NDA) in San Francisco, US and the Nissan Design America Rio (NDA-R) that recently opened shop in Brazil.

Measuring 4300 mm in length, 1800 mm in width and 1600 mm in height with a wheelbase of 2620 mm, the Nissan Kicks concept is positioned between the Juke and Rogue crossovers. The concept has been finished in a silver paint scheme along with the contrasting inserts that take inspiration from the streets of Brazil and showcase the grey/black tones in the urban space, while the orange depicts the exuberant nature of the country. With a compact body shell, the crossover gets roof rails, sloping roofline, 19-inch alloy wheels and rugged bumpers that definitely lend an aggressive appearance. Furthermore, Nissan also stated that the Kicks concept manages to showcase a new distinct signature design of its cars.

Targeted at the fast urban professionals in Brazil, there are high chances of the new Kicks concept to enter production in the country. Nissan has also iterated the possibility that since the concept was designed by its global team, the crossover could make in-roads in other markets as well at a later stage. While the timeline for the production version is yet to be specified, the powertrain details for the concept are more likely to be provided later during the show. The Sao Paulo Auto Show is held on every alternate year in the country and the Kicks concept succeeds the Extrem Concept that was showcased by the company back in 2012.

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Nissan Kicks Concept Front
Nissan says to have taken inspiration from the streets of Brazil for the design
Nissan Kicks Concept Side
Measuring 4300 mm in length, the Kicks concept sits between the Juke & Rogue
Nissan Kicks Concept Rear
A timeline for the production version is yet to be determined by the company
Nissan Kicks Concept Sao Paulo Auto Show
The Concept has been designed under the leadership of Nissan Design Centre, Japan
Nissan Kicks Concept Top
The crossover could be extended to other markets as well at a later stage