In Maharashtra, everyone applying for a two-wheeler license now must give a declaration that they will wear a helmet at all times and motorcycle sellers must also now sell a helmet with a new bike.

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Not just helmets, basic riding gear should also be made mandatory on motorcycles

Two-wheeler owners and passengers often find wearing helmets a headache. But wearing a helmet is the basic precaution an individual must take when riding motorcycles or scooters. Head injuries are most often life threatening and a helmet is the basic protection that everyone must stick to. Even women two-wheeler riders should wear helmets, but they often skip wearing the same. The government of Maharashtra has decided to crack down on this matter and has issued mandatory bonds that every two-wheeler buyer must sign when applying for a license or while purchasing a new motorcycle or scooter. The dealer has also been asked to provide an affidavit that he has sold a helmet along with every new motorcycle.

The RTO of Maharashtra has started taking written affidavits from not only two-wheeler buyers, but also from dealers before the new vehicle is registered. A declaration to the transport department and traffic police has to be given by the buyer which says that he and the pillion rider will always wear a helmet while riding and the seller will have to give an affidavit declaring he has sold a helmet along with a new two-wheeler. Without these two, the vehicle will not be registered by the RTO.

An RTO official said that they are accepting affidavits while issuing 2-wheeler licences, where every candidate pledges that they will wear helmets. Another official also suggested that deals could be provided to buyers wherein they will be able to purchase bikes and helmets together. Additional transport commissioner, Satish Sahasrabudhe said that the new circular was issued on Wednesday evening to all RTOs across Maharashtra and the rule came into effect immediately after. In case of any accident, the motorcycle rider and not the transport and traffic authorities will be blamed if he/she was not wearing a helmet at the time.

Do you know wearing a helmet isn’t compulsory in certain states of the USA?

Most women two-wheeler riders avoid wearing helmets as well