In order to reduce particulate emissions, the whole of North India switched to Euro IV fuel from 1st April 2015. However, vehicle makers wouldn’t be able to produce Euro IV complaint vehicles till October.

Euro IV fuel shall lead to a reduction in pollution levels

With the constant rise in the number of vehicles on the road, the pollution levels have been constantly rising. Residents of cities with high pollution levels stand at a risk of suffering from various diseases caused by air pollution. High air pollution level also deteriorates the condition of buildings and historical monuments. In a bid to reduce particulate emissions, North Indian cities will now get Euro IV standard fuel which would lead to a steep decline in air pollution levels.

The major reason for Euro IV fuel being less polluting than Euro III fuel is the low sulphur content. The sulphur content is almost 85% lesser in Euro IV fuel and reduces the emissions of respirable particulate matter which is a major pollutant in cities like New Delhi. However, the major problem is that many commercial vehicle manufacturers making Heavy Duty Vehicles (HDVs) won’t be able to produce Euro IV complaint vehicles before the next five to six months. These vehicles contribute majorly towards pollution levels in Delhi since more than 45,000 Euro III complaint trucks pass the capital city daily.

The petroleum ministry had issued a notification in the month of January which spoke about introduction of Euro IV fuel in a gradual way. North Indian cities were to get the fuel from 1st April 2015 whereas South Indian cities were to get it from 1st April 2016. Yet, SIAM is saying it would require more time to produce Euro IV complaint trucks and buses citing upgradation of the supply chain as a reason. Manufacturers claim customers aren’t ready to pay the additional amount for more advanced vehicles. If Euro IV is implemented across India by 2015 and Euro V is implemented by 2020, the pollution levels can be controlled effectively.

Himalayan Odyssey truck
Manufacturers are reluctant to produce Euro IV complaint vehicles due to rise in cost

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