Ola Electric Adventure Bike Patent

Ola Electric adventure bike leaked in patent images, looks basic

Ola Electric adventure bike leaked in latest patent design filings. This could be an entry-level electric motorcycle from the company, likely targeting the commuter segment having a design language of an adventure bike.

From the images, it’s apparent that the motorcycle is designed with practicality in mind. Sporting a conventional telescopic fork, twin shock absorbers at the rear and a simple box-section swingarm that looks tailored for urban commuting needs. The alloy wheel size and narrow tyres suggests a focus on enhancing efficiency, a crucial aspect for electric bikes.

In terms of powertrain, Ola is expected to introduce a new electric motor and battery setup. The integration of the battery and motor into a single unit raises questions about weight distribution, an aspect that Ola likely has strategised to optimise.

While specifics regarding performance and efficiency remain undisclosed, expectations are that the motorcycle will boast a top speed of around 100 km/hr, aligning with the capabilities of Ola’s S1 Pro electric scooter. It is likely to get a respectable range and possibly fast-charging capabilities to cater to the demands of urban riders.

Visually, the motorcycle presents a futuristic design characterised by flat panels and sharp crease lines, while offering a seemingly comfortable riding posture with its single-piece seat and upright ergonomics.

As for its market entry, Ola Electric has yet to announce a launch date for the motorcycle in India. When it does hit the market, it’s poised to compete against existing offerings such as the Tork Kratos R and Revolt RV400.

Ola recently patented some designs of their upcoming three wheeler as well that will come in multiple variants including passenger version, goods carrier, etc. The e-rickshaw gets minimalistic design with closed door for the passenger version.

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