Ola Electric Scooter Patent

New Ola electric scooter leaked ahead of launch via design patent

Ola Electric is expected to venture into the commercial sector with a new single-seater electric scooter. While the company has gained popularity with its S1 e-scooter lineup targeting the private consumer market, this new model appears to prioritise functionality over aesthetics, catering more towards commercial use.

The design of the upcoming Ola e-scooter is barebones, with minimal bodywork comprising a small front apron and covered panels under the seat. It is anticipated to feature a single-seat configuration, with the potential for an optional pillion seat. A luggage rack behind the saddle suggests a focus on utility for carrying goods, enhancing its appeal for commercial applications.

Underneath, the scooter is likely to feature basic underpinnings, including a wishbone-style front fork, twin rear shock absorbers and drum brakes at both ends. The wheels resemble those found on the existing S1 Air and S1 X models, possibly indicating shared components. With a flat floorboard, the scooter is expected to offer increased payload capacity, further enhancing its suitability for commercial use.

The handlebar design is simple and features a small digital dash directly mounted to it. While there’s speculation about the potential for swappable batteries, no official confirmation has been provided by Ola Electric at this time.

In terms of pricing, it’s expected that the new commercial focused scooter will be much more affordable compared to the S1 X lineup, which starts at Rs. 89,999/- (ex-showroom). This competitive pricing strategy could make it an attractive option for businesses and delivery services seeking cost-effective electric mobility solutions.