Ola Hypercharger Tower
The Hypercharger towers will likely be the game changers

Ola Electric has revealed details about its Hypercharger Network, which, according to the firm, will be the largest electric 2-wheeler charging network in the world.

More than 1 lakh charging points will be put in place by Ola, in association with its partner firms, across 400 cities in the country as part of its Hypercharger network.

Initially though, in the first year to be precise, the Ola Hypercharger Network will have over 5000 charging points across 100 cities in India. This would more than double the existing charging infrastructure in the country, claims the mobility firm.

What’s more, Ola is also making bold claims, stating its Hyperchargers will be the fastest 2-wheeler charging network. The battery pack of the Ola Scooter, the firm’s first product, can be charged up to 50 percent in 18 minutes using its Hypercharger to get 75 km range, the firm says.

According to Ola’s plan, charging points will be placed at locations such as IT parks, office complexes, cafes, malls, among others, while standalone Hypercharger towers will be present at city centres and business districts.

The firm’s customers would need only plug their scooter into the charging point and monitor the charging process in real time on the Ola Electric app which can also be used to pay the charging cost.

In addition to having access to Ola Hypercharger Network, the firm’s customers also have the option to charge the Ola Scooter at their homes, for each unit will come with a home charger.

Having already announced that its ‘FutureFactory’ will become the largest 2-wheeler manufacturing site in the world, Ola is raising the stakes in the Indian electric 2-wheeler scenario and it won’t be long before other players react by coming up with their own disruptive strategy.

Ola Electric Hypercharger App Route Planning
The Ola Electric app can be used to pay the charging cost too
Ola Hypercharger Network Charging Station
Currently, the kW rating of the chargers and the cost Ola will charge customers is not known
Ola Home Charger
When the Ola Scooter gets launched, we will give the Hypercharger Network a try and report about it