Ola MoveOS 3 Details
It comes with 50 new features on offer

Ola MoveOS 3 rolled out across the country

Ola MoveOS 3 is now rolling out for 1 lakh customers of Ola scooters in India. This new OTA software update comes with 50 new features along with performance improvement of the scooter.

With this new update the customers will have access to Hypercharging. It offers 50 km of range with just 15 minutes of charging using the Ola hypercharger network.

The acceleration of the electric scooter has improved. It now does 0-60 km/hr in 4.5 seconds instead of 5 seconds. It is now 20 percent faster in the Sports mode and 10 percent faster in the Hyper mode. There is an improvement of 2-5 percent in the range as well.

The top speed of the Eco mode was restricted to 40 km/hr, now this restriction has been removed with this software update.

There is a new Vacation mode as well. If you are planning to not use the scooter and going out of town, you can activate this mode and it avoids deep discharge for up to 200 days of non-usage.

The update also brings hazard lights to the scooter. There is a Party mode too wherein the scooter performs a synchronised light show according to the music track you are playing in the scooter.

There is a new feature to set multiple profiles for different riders. There is proximity lock/unlock feature when you can lock/unlock the scooter when you walk away or come close.

WiFi feature has been added to get notifications of calls and also to access your documents including driving licence, Aadhaar Card, Insurance papers on the go.

Interesting new update includes the themes for the screen – Vintage, Bolt and Eclipse. Each mood theme has a unique lock/unlock sound and a different motor sound which includes charging sound as well.

Hill Hold assist feature is currently in Beta mode and will also be rolled out which assists the rider when riding on steep hills.

Ola MoveOS 3 Features
The software also boosts the performance of the scooter